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SnagaStool gets you the best place at the bar. For the big game, special events, or drinks with friends after work. You won’t be caught without a place at the bar again.

Bar Stool Reservations in Boston

About Us

Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin are passionate about building an incredible bar and pub experience that extends hospitality even before you walk in the door. They believe that great hospitality, not check-ins or digital badges, are the key to building a strong relationship with guests.

SnagaStool strives to be the go to place book bar stools and tables for events in bars. Events range from big games, after work drinks, trivia, live music, and date nights.

Unlike OpenTable, SnagaStool helps drive customers to venues by offering incentives during off peak hours. During peak hours, bars can offer a limited number of bar stools or tables as an additional source of revenue. SnagaStool does not charge a monthly fee.


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  • “It started when the Bruins were in the playoffs I offered to pay someone to sit in their seat at the bar [because it was so crowded]. When I get to a bar, I like to sit right at the bar, rather than the table or standing behind someone.”

    Jamie Manning

Meet the Team

  • Jamie J. Manning
    Jamie J. ManningCEO & Co-Founder

    Imported from Detroit. Drinks Bud Light and loves the Detroit Lions.

  • Adriano Varassin
    Adriano VarassinCo-Founder

    Is the resident Brazilian BBQ master, funky jazz addict, one time stand-up comic.

  • Dean Whitney
    Dean WhitneyCMO

    You’ll find him at bars with wifi. He’s the design and marketing guy.

  • We started SnagaStool because we hate watching the big game from anywhere but right at the bar. Oh ya, and we love beer!

    Adriano Varassin

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Bar Stool Reservations in Boston
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Bar Stool Reservations in Boston
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Bar Stool Reservations in Boston
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Bar Stool Reservations in Boston
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OpenTable for barstools: SnagaStool is the first barstool reservation service


The first and only mobile app that allows...


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