SnagaStool FAQ

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What if there is a line outside?

This is the best part! Show the doorman your digital ticket and breeze your way past all the regular people.

How does SnagaStool help my bar?

We help keep busy bars busy and drive traffic to your bar when it is not busy.

SnagaStool works based on supply and demand. When your bar is empty, you can offer incentives for our users to SnagaStool. For example: half off an appetizer. We help drive traffic to your bar! And a busy bar attracts more people.

When the bar is normally busy, you can set a price for the bar stool. For example: one of our bars fills up every night before Trivia. Now they offer premium snags for people who want to reserve a spot at the bar.

I heard you are willing to pay us?

FACT! The premium snag offerings are a great way to build an additional revenue source for your bar. Simply let us know how much a table or bar stool is on any event and make additional revenue less a percent processing fee from SnagaStool.

How much does the service cost?

We understand your margins are razor thin which is why we do not have a monthly charge. We offer bar stools and tables during two different times that you identify; premium and free. During the free times, we ask that you offer an incentive (like a free appetizer) to help attract guests during off-peak hours. During premium times, you can use SnagaStool as an additional revenue source and we will work out a percentage share based on the reservation revenue as paid by the guest.

Can you notify me when there is a snagastool reservation?

We email you and the user all of the details as soon as a stool is snagged. Many of our bars have an email list that we send to all managers in the bar.

What do my bartenders have to do?

We designed the service so that it helps increase the bartender to patron interaction. Once a user snags a stool, they are directed to show their digital confirmation to the host or bartender. The bartender shows them where the SnagaStools are located.

Can I choose how many SnagaStools are available?

You decide how many tables or bar stools are available for each event. Events can range from sporting events, trivia, live music, or just a typically busy time.

How do I sign up?

Here on our website! Click on “Run a bar” or fill it the quick form on the Contact page.

What is a premium snag?

Now you can SnagaStool when the bar is super packed! Be the VIP who walks straight to an available bar stool on game day. Never wait for hours behind the stools or fight with dozens of people for a drink again.

I heard the bars offer deals too?

During non-peak times, the bars can offer you incentives to come visit.

Can I snagastool for free?

YES! During non-peak times you can snag for free. Always have the comfort of knowing your stool will be waiting for you before you leave.

Where are the SnagaStools located in the bar?

Any stool can be a SnagaStool! Some bars brand specific stools by placing SnagaStool table tents. Other bars will manage their stools based on availability and reservation times.

How can I snag a stool?

Download the app in the App Store and choose your bar, event, number of stools, or tables. We will send you a digital confirmation of the reservation.

Are you on Android?

We are testing our service on iOS and will move to Android soon!

What do I do once I get to the bar?

Show the host or bartender your digital confirmation. He or she will escort you to your spot.

Why should we offer SnagaStool?

We love that you get the best view, the best service, and you get to talk the bartender when you sit at the bar. And our guests are willing to pay you for the best seat in the house.

At the same time, we want to increase the traffic to your bar. We want to give people the peace of mind that they will have a barstool available.

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