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Think you can spell? Can you spell it backwards a few beers deep?

As promised, we are hosting a Pub Spelling Bee at the 21st Amendment on Sunday, April 19th.

You probably remember Spelling Bees from your grade school days, standing up at the front of the class embarrassing yourself in front of your classmates. Now that you are an adult you get to embarrass yourself with a team, with a few drinks on the side of course.

This version involves new rules, like spelling words backwards and having a team to help collaborate. It’s completely free to join and all you need is a team of 4 individuals. First come first play, 8 teams are guaranteed to play and only thing you need is every team player present to begin!

SnagaStool will be releasing 4 premium team reservations prior to the event, so stay tuned for more information on those!

By Cora Kraverath and Julie Barradalle

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